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Everyone is an Elvis fan. The girls want to be close to him and the guys want to be him.

Stuff Dreams Are Made Of...

Elvis made it to the top. He was the number one entertainer in the world for the Twentieth Century. He also has made more income after his death than any other star. It is safe to say he was The King of Rock and Roll. Many fans still collect Elvis memorabilia. Souvenirs, jewelry. records, tapes, pictures and some more personal mementos are now considered valuable keepsakes.

Elvis was a billion dollar entity back in the days when a billion dollars would still buy something. Elvis has been credited with selling more than a billion units of recorded songs. In the old days a million seller meant one million records. Now individual songs on individual albums or CDs are each considered one unit. Whatever you call it many millions of records and CDs and albums and 8 track tapes and DVDs and mp3 downloads have carried the name of Elvis Presley.

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Along the way a few items have popped up which are Presley mementos. There have been trading cards and newspaper articles and autographed pictures and lobby cards and movie posters which were produced during his lifetime. There were VHS and BETA tapes and DVDs and new packages of CDs after his passing. There also have been items which were worn or touched or driven by Elvis. Clips of his hair from an Army barbershop floor. Wardrobe he wore that still has his sweat stains. Cars he owned or gave to someone.

Putting it simply, Elvis collectables can only increase in value as the years go by, if they are cared for. It can be a fan club interest, a hobby or a lucrative business. You make the decision. Good luck and have fun with Elvis memorabilia.

Morbidity or Fan Worship, or Business?

The collection of Elvis memorabilia is no worse than collecting old cars or Civil War treasures or King Kong movie posters. Elvis was a great big star of movies, TV and records. He changed the world more than any President or King.

To remember him by having an Elvis collection is much better than to forget him. He was a major part of my life and most Americans who were teens in the 1950s. His music is as great today as it was the first time I heard it. Some of the mementos might be a bit on the laughable side, but they each have their own Elvis style and charm.

If you have a collection and want it to grow, I hope this site will be helpful. I will try to have links to items available and eventually a list of Elvis buyers and sellers. Some of you might not need too many more items to have your own Rock and Roll or Elvis Museum or restaurant. Ne sure to check with the Presley Estate in Memphis at Graceland before you enter into any major Elvis franchise.

On this site I will share what knowledge and advice I have regarding the subject of Elvis collections. Some spell it collectibles and some spell it collectables, but we can agree on the spelling of Elvis. Thanks.

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Me, 1956 This was a picture of me when I first arrived in Hollywood in April of 1956. Elvis was just getting started in movies at that time. He was number one then and I think he still is number one.

Some Elvis items have tremendous value. You should not sell anything of Elvis interest until you check a book of recommended prices for collectors. Many of the guide books have overly optomistic prices but just be sure to have a general idea before buying or selling.

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Elvis; Country Boy King

My Hollywood Star? Above is a photo of myself as I appeared in a TV show called Hincus Pincus in the 1980s. I played the part of the world's worst Elvis impersonator. The show never quite made it.

Elvis started his life as a poor boy. He knew what is was like to be without great wealth. He was born in a small house. His family did not own a limousine. He sang in church. He sang at school. He listened to music on the radio. He listened to all kinds of music. The sounds became part of his vocal expressions in his teens. He did not try to imitate the Tin Pan Alley sophistication of the big band singers. He was a guy who knew who Hank Williams was. He had heard records by Arthur Crudup. He had listened to Dean Martin and Peggy Lee and Big Mama Thornton. He was not one dimensional. Plus, he had a great voice.

I believe it is safe to say if Elvis were still alive, he would still be setting styling fads, He would still have a magnificent appearance and he would still rule his realm from the stage. Even though he has been away for decades, he is still as close as our heartbeat.

Even though his life was short, Elvis Presley is probably the single most influential person of the Twentieth Century. His influence will be felt for centuries to come. Collectables will become more scarce as time goes by and they will increase in value.

This site was written by Tom Willett. Tom belongs to AFTRA, SAG, The Musician's Union and at one time was a member of the no longer existing Screen Extras Guild. Tom has more than 50 years of show business experience. Tom has been an actor, movie extra, deejay, stand up comic, musician, producer, director, writer and currently a YouTuber. Tom is an Elvis fan and an Elvis collector.

Everything on this site is free. There is no membership. There are no fees. You do not have to register. Enjoy your visit.


Elvis had some paranormal beliefs including UFO and mind control. Elvis believed he could move clouds in the sky with concentration and Powers of Mind. Some of his friends and associates thought Elvis did have some clairvoyance. I have added a link to a site of mine about Area 51 in Nevada.

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